About Us

East Professionalism Information Systems (EP Techno) is a subsidiary of Al Qadi Global Group for Investment and Development Limited Company (AQGID). EP Techno represents the technological wing of the group providing variety of technical solutions for different business needs.

Al Qadi Global Group for Investment and Development Limited Company has over 30 years of history in Saudi market with projects in Healthcare, Medical Laboratories, Contracting and Construction, Agriculture and Farming and Technological Solution.

EP Techno, the technological wing of AQGID is an established company dealing in comprehensive software solutions for healthcare needs including full fledged electronic Hospital Information System with fully electronic medical record, Quality Management System, ERP solution, web development and digital presence solutions like mobile apps and patient portals.

EP Techno also has strong professional hardware team that works right from the design phase of the enterprise hardware and communication equipment needs, to the delivery, installation and configuration level along with the training of end users and maintenance of the systems. The systems we are proud of providing excellent solutions in are Networking, Data Centers, Data Security Equipment, IP telephony, CCTV, Access Control Systems and other low current domain areas.

EP Techno believes in the concept of continuous improvement and research, takes the technology as a tool for excellence in different business models and works on utilizing its technological expertise and strong professional team to help businesses and organization reach their visions and achieve their goals of efficiency and effectiveness..