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Soft.ProDoc Hospital Management Software

Soft.ProDoc is the New-Age Hospital Management Information System, designed and developed in house. It is designed to equip hospitals to overcome current and future challenges through tangible results.

Built with valuable inputs from across the healthcare value chain, including, clinicians, process consultants, nurses, pharmacists, and information technologists, Soft.ProDoc enables you to significantly improve quality of care, while reducing costs.

With a focus on driving efficiency and quality, Soft.ProDoc has comprehensive features, covering:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  • Revenue Cycle Management/Administration

  • Patient Health Records (PHR)

  • Specialty-Wise Clinical Systems

  • Exhaustive Supply Chain Modules

  • Business Intelligence

The EMR forms the system's core, linking all departments in the hospital and thereby ensuring swift, patient-centric care and improved clinical outcomes.

Soft.ProDoc features seven modules with robust functionality and end-to-end information management:

  • Front Office Management

  • Clinical Management

  • Material Management

  • Finance & Budgeting Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Application Management

  • Ancillary Modules

Soft.ProDoc Advantage:

  • Streamlined Hospital Information Management System

  • Improved Patient Care

  • Speedier Sharing of High-Quality Information

  • Flexible, Agile & Responsive Systems through Reduced Paper Documentation

  • Access to Industry Best Practices for Improved Overall Hospital Management

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency through Prompt Identification of Inefficient Centres

  • Reduced Wastage, High Cost Savings, Time Savings

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